Statement by Ambassador Tacan İldem, Permanent Representative of Turkey, in Response to the Report of Ambassador Jean-Claude Schlumberger, Head of Mission in Kosovo, 1039th Permanent Council

Tacan İldem 12.02.2015
Thank you Mr. Chairperson,

I join the previous speakers in welcoming Ambassador Schlumberger back to the Permanent Council and thank him for his comprehensive report.

We support the Mission’s activities in the three dimensions. The OSCE’s constructive role and the effective implementation of OMIK’s agenda are of crucial importance for Kosovo.

We welcome the Mission’s intensive outreach activities to non-Albanian communities. We appreciate the support the OMIK provides to the protection and improvement of the rights of all ethnic groups. We also appreciate the Mission’s ongoing activities to ensure equitable access to services and public utilities.

The engagement of all communities in Kosovo’s social, economic and political fabric is a prerequisite for bolstering efforts to establish a democratic, multi-ethnic and modern state structure. Promoting a culture of cooperation and endowing all communities with better participation in policy making processes and public life while maintaining multiethnic, cultural and religious harmony in the country should be a common goal of all Kosovars.

Turkey believes that the multiethnic, multicultural and democratic structure of the Republic of Kosovo is essential for the sustainability of regional peace and stability.

We welcome the recent election of the Speaker of Parliament, and the formation of the new government.

We believe that the newly established government in Kosovo will not only bring into life projects to advance the prosperity and well-being of the Kosovar people, but will also continue contributing to regional normalization efforts. In this context, we attach particular importance to the Pristina-Belgrade Dialogue Process. This is firmly in line with our stance to support the resolution of all problems in the region through dialogue. In this regard, we would like to call all sides to continue to make additional efforts to take the process forward, and commend the Mission’s efforts within this framework.

We also expect to see the new Kosovo Government accelerate efforts towards integration of the country with the European institutions.

I would like to emphasize that Turkey will continue to stand by the friendly Kosovar people and to provide support to Kosovo in every field.

Mr. Chairperson,

As we recognize the substantial work performed by the international presence in Kosovo, we also need to maintain our own contributions to this effort. Turkey has been actively supporting the OMIK through police cooperation as well as bilateral activities to reinforce the capacity of the Kosovo Police.

We must also bear in mind that the picture will not be complete unless we ensure Kosovo’s inclusion and involvement in pertinent regional and international initiatives. This will not only have an encouraging effect on the positive trend in Kosovo, but will also constitute a significant contribution to efforts for the stability and development of the region as a whole.

In conclusion, I would like to wish Ambassador Schlumberger and his able team continued success in their future endeavors.

Thank you.