Statement by the Delegation of Turkey in Response to the Report by Ambassador Jennifer Brush, Head of Mission to Moldova, at the 1002nd Meeting of the Permanent Council

Delegation of Turkey 29.05.2014

Thank you Mr. Chairperson,

We join the previous speakers in warmly welcoming Ambassador Brush back
to the Permanent Council and would like to express our thanks for her
comprehensive report and excellent Powerpoint presentation.

Just three weeks ago during her address to the Permanent Council H.E.
Natalia Gherman, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and
European Integration of the Republic of Moldova reaffirmed how the 5+2 Talks
were the main venue for political negotiations on the Transnistrian issue. She
also drew attention however to the lack of substantive progress within the
process in recent months. We hope this trend is reversed in the upcoming round.

The principles adopted at the 1999 OSCE Istanbul Summit establish the
groundwork for the process. Our expectation is to see the concerns of all
parties addressed in light of these principles, and within the framework of
respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of

We believe that unlimited access for all members of the Mission to all
regions is a most important prerequisite for the proper discharge of the
Mission’s monitoring, observation and reporting role. Also in light of the
alarming information Ambassador Brush gave us, Turkey calls once again on all
stakeholders to adopt a constructive, cooperative and conciliatory approach in order
to progress towards a positive outcome.

We welcome the Mission's efforts to encourage direct contacts between
the Sides. We also appreciate the Mission’s efforts towards expanding the
capacity of civil society, enhancing media freedom, gender mainstreaming and
combat against trafficking in human beings. And we commend the work of the
Mission in other areas such as the rule of law and the continuation of “Human
Rights and Democratization Programme”.

I want to thank Ambassador Brush who apparently appears for the last
time before the Permanent Council, and her staff for the dedicated and
efficient work they have been doing.

Before concluding by wishing every success to Ambassador Brush in all her
future endeavors, we also want to express our determination to further develeop
the already excellent relations and steady cooperation we entertain with
Moldova and I am pleased to note that our resolve in this direction received a
significant boost with Prime Minister Leanca’s recent successful visit to Turkey.

Thank you.