Statement By Ambassador Tacan İldem, Permanent Representative Of Turkey, In Response To H.E. Aleksey Meshkov, Deputy Foreign Minister Of Russian Federation, At The 944th Permanent Council

Tacan İLDEM 14.03.2013
We join the previous speakers in warmly welcoming Deputy Minister Aleksey Meshkov of the Russian Federation to the Permanent Council. We have listened with great interest to his comprehensive presentation and in response, we would also like to express our views on issues raised by our guest.

We thank Deputy Minister Meshkov for outlining the priorities of the Russian Federation during its G-20 Presidency. Turkey, as an active participant of the G-20, attaches high importance to the work carried out within this grouping. We believe that in parallel to global economic issues, development, trade, energy, climate change, food safety, poverty, corruption are also important issues laying on the agenda of the G-20. We see this platform as a key forum to foster strategic vision on a global scale. We also value its role of platform for economic crisis management and global economic cooperation and stability. After all what we would strive for is the prosperity of our peoples with joint endeavours.

Turkey will assume the G-20 Presidency and host the G-20 Leaders Summit in 2015. We will mobilize all of our efforts to advance the G-20 agenda in a useful and result-oriented way. Turkey will also aim to further develop the relationship and cooperation between the G-20 and the countries and organizations in its region.

Turkey, like Russia, attaches great importance to the OSCE and to its unique place in the European security architecture. We share your views on the need to enhance our efforts aimed at further realizing the vision of building a free, democratic, common and indivisible security community in the OSCE area. Therefore, the Helsinki+40 process indeed constitutes an important exercise in order to strengthen the Organization and improve its effectiveness and efficiency. In a collective brain storming exercise, we agree with you that we should involve think tanks and academia. Equally important element would also be the ownership of capitals and we hope that the process will ensure the contributions of high level officials back in capitals, like your presence here at the Council today.

We note with interest the reminder of the importance attached by Russia to the OSCE’s politico-military dimension. As tasked by our Heads of State and Government in the Astana Commemorative Declaration, updating the CSBMs regime under the Vienna Document remain a topic where greater efforts are needed.

The decisions adopted at various levels by the OSCE in 2012 in the area of Transnational Threats (TNT) lays a sound basis to enhance our work. Along with the priority areas mentioned by the Deputy Minister, we also recognize the significance given both by Turkey and Russia to the work carried out in the OSCE in the area of fight against terrorism. We share the view that improving coordination with other relevant international and pertinent regional organizations is essential to attain our goals.

Like the Russian Federation, we also value constructive dialogue in the economic and environmental dimension. At the same time, we agree that our work in the OSCE on matters related to this dimension should remain pragmatic. We can certainly make an extra effort in strengthening this dimension to the benefit of all participating States.

The third dimension of our Organization remains an indispensable dimension of the comprehensive approach to security peculiar to the OSCE. Like Russia, we support efforts in treating all dimensions on an equal footing, but also to strive for a balance within each dimension as well. At the same time, we attach importance to the commitments and their implementation.

Finally, protracted conflicts remain a source of instability in the OSCE area. We agree with the Russian Federation on the need to resolve these conflicts, in the settlement of which the OSCE is involved, in a peaceful manner within the existing formats and believe that the status quo is neither sustainable nor acceptable. We commend the Russian Federation for its contribution in efforts aiming at resolution of them and its role in encouraging relevant sides of the conflicts to display courage and political will to agreeing on mutually-beneficial solutions.

We enjoy exemplary bilateral relations with the RF in all spheres as experienced by regular exchange of high level visits and bilateral consultations. We are satisfied to have a good engagement within the OSCE and we look forward to furthering it.

In conclusion, we thank Deputy Minister Meshkov for his address and hope that our common work both in the G-20 and here at the OSCE will be crowned with success.

Thank you.