Tacan İldem 23.11.2012
Mr. Chairperson,

Allow me to join the previous speakers in welcoming Mongolia as the 57th participating State of the OSCE and warmly congratulate the Delegation of Mongolia and all of us on this important achievement.

From the onset, Turkey has been a keen supporter of Mongolia’s desire to join our organization and assume the OSCE acquis.

The OSCE, with its multi-dimensional approach, stands as a unique forum to deal with the security issues in a comprehensive manner and in this respect we welcome the fact that Mongolia, as a former Partner for Cooperation, showed political will and determination to further its relations with the OSCE, by assuming its commitments. It shows its willingness to make further substantial contributions to the work of the organization.

It is our firm belief that in the present changing international security architecture, with new transnational threats and challenges, cooperation in the field of security, especially in Asia, is becoming more and more important.

Therefore, the inclusion of Mongolia in our ranks as a participating state will not only have beneficial effects for Mongolia itself but will also have a value added for the region.

Mongolia’s willingness to join our organization is also a testimony to the fact that the OSCE is still relevant and can be a pole of attraction. This should serve as an encouragement to increase ownership to this organization.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate my Delegation’s readiness and desire for closer working relations with our distinguished colleagues from the Delegation of Mongolia and wish them every success in their future endevours.

Thank you.