STATEMENT BY AMBASSADOR RAUF ENGİN SOYSAL PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE OF TURKEY In response to Ambassador Marcel Pesko, Director of the CPC (1159th Meeting of the Permanent Council)

Rauf Engin Soysal 05.10.2017

Thank you,
Mr. Chairperson.

I would like to welcome Director Pesko back to
the Permanent Council and thank him for his comprehensive report and

This year the CPC’s agenda has again been
dominated by the crisis in and around Ukraine. The CPC effectively coordinates
both political and operational support for the Special Monitoring Mission in
Ukraine. We appreciate the CPC’s support in the investigations of the tragic incident
of 23 April. We also find it important that the Center contributes to the
efforts of the Coordinator of the Trilateral Contact Group’s Political Working
Group. With its valuable input, the CPC has been playing an essential role in
the OSCE’s multifaceted efforts aiming to de-escalate the ongoing crisis and
achieve lasting peace in Ukraine.

The CPC’s efforts to increase our Organization’s visibility
should continue. In this regard, we appreciate the CPC’s cooperation with other
relevant organizations, and encourage the Center to strengthen such relations
to enhance the Organization’s toolbox and to improve our capacity to counter
the security challenges we face.

The OSCE’s field missions endow it with a
comparative advantage. We appreciate the CPC’s policy guidance and operational support
to field missions which further strengthens this comparative advantage and increases
our field operations’ success.

In this vein, we highly value the activities of
the Programming and Evaluation Support Unit (PESU) in supporting field
operations in programmatic planning and project implementation. These include
diverse portfolios that require diligent programming and assessment, as in the
case of SMM.

Mr. Chairperson,

Settlement of the conflicts that the OSCE is
mandated to deal with, is one of the core tasks of our Organization. I referred
to this matter in an earlier statement today. So, now, I will re-iterate how
we continue to support all efforts to
resolve protracted conflicts within their negotiation formats and appreciate the
CPC’s contributions to this end.

Strengthening our capacity to address all
phases of the conflict cycle remains a priority for the Organization. We share Director
Pesko’s view that MC Decision 3/11 offers the ground to explore new instruments
while reinforcing the existing ones. We believe in the merit of enhancing the
OSCE’s capacities in particular with regard to dialogue facilitation and
mediation support, as well as early action and crisis management.

Mr. Chairperson,

We underline the importance of full
implementation of our politico-military commitments and acknowledge the CPC’s
role in assisting participating States in their efforts to make best use of our
politico-military toolbox.

Last but not least, we support gender equality and
gender mainstreaming as an integral part of the comprehensive security approach
of the Organization, and encourage the CPC to continue its efforts to this end.

In conclusion, I thank Ambassador Pesko and CPC’s
able staff for their report and wish them continued success in their future

Thank you.