STATEMENT BY THE TURKISH MISSION In Response to the Reports by Ambassador Pierre von Arx, Head of the OSCE Program Office in Biskek and the Director of the OSCE Academy Bishkek, Dr. Alexander Walters (1147th Permanent Council)

AGİT DT 25.05.2017

Thank you Mr. Chairperson.

We congratulate Ambassador von Arx on his appointment as Head of Program Office in Bishkek and Dr. Walters as Director of the OSCE Academy, warmly welcome them to the Permanent Council, and express our thanks for their presentations.

This year, Turkey and Kyrgyzstan celebrate the 25th anniversary of their diplomatic relations. The two counties entertain a strategic partnership based on common history and culture. The visit by the President of the Kyrgyz Parliament Çınıbay Tursunbekov to Turkey this week was the most recent opportunity to re-confirm the strong will on both sides to strengthen their brotherhood and cooperation in every field. Our High Level Strategic Cooperation Council and Joint Economic Commission are key platforms to further enlarge and deepen our cooperation at all levels.

We note with satisfaction that the Program Office works in a wide span of issues ranging from legal reforms to community policing, from modernization of business environment to youth empowerment. We encourage the Office to maintain and further its efforts in all these areas covering all three dimensions. We are pleased to see the open and constructive dialogue between the Office and the Kyrgyz government continue.

We are particularly happy to note a number of joint activities by the Office and our security authorities to provide training to Kyrgyz law enforcement personnel in a variety of areas.

Mr. Chairperson,

The vulnerable security situation in Afghanistan and transnational threats affecting Central Asia highlight the already important role played by the Office in bolstering the capacity of regional border management institutions. Measures in this direction not only help strengthen regional security and stability, but also contribute to the improvement of local economies and greater cooperation within the region. We welcome the advances in the discussions regarding the demarcation of the Kyrgyz-Uzbek borderline.

In view of the gravity of the threat posed by rising terrorism and related phenomena such as FTFs, we believe in the need to urgently elaborate national strategies to prevent and counter violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism. We appreciate the Program Office’s support to local authorities, as well as its efforts to empower youth to counter violent extremism, to increase public awareness against VERLT and other activities in this direction.

Mr. Chairperson,

We are pleased to note how activities related to economic and environmental issues constitute an important part of the Office’s work. Improving the legal framework regulating private economic activity, combating corruption and money laundering, strengthening national disaster risk reduction mechanisms and addressing radiation security threats are valuable tools for ensuring better life conditions not only in the country but also beyond. It is also worth mentioning that a better economic climate will also help serve the purpose of combating transnational criminal activities in the region.

We also welcome the Office’s activities conducted in the third dimension, such as helping legislative reforms, torture prevention, free and fair elections and gender equality. We commend the Kyrgyzauthorities for their efforts to improve the national legal framework and the adoption of the revised laws by the Parliament. We anticipate a peaceful conduct of the presidential elections in October 2017.

Mr. Chairperson,

Let me also add that, we appreciate the Academy’s work in a wide range of issues related to regional security dialogue and research in Central Asia. The Academy plays a significant role to train and educate young experts on regional security and development, much needed in the region. The financial difficulties the Academy faces are a source of concern indeed. We hope that a promising picture emerges from the Board of Trustees meeting tomorrow.

In conclusion, we wish Ambassador von Arx and Dr. Walters and their able teams much success in their endeavors, and reiterate our support for their work.

Thank you.