Statement by Ambassador Tacan İldem, Permanent Representative of Turkey, in Response to the Chairpersons of the Security Committee, the Economic and Environmental Committee and the Human Dimension Committee, 1019th Meeting of the Permanent Council

Tacan İldem 16.10.2014
Mr. Chairperson,

I wish to thank the Chairs of the three Committees for their valuable presentations. Having served as a Committee Chair myself, I wish to express my support in full understanding of the circumstances in which they operate so successfully.

Our fight against transnational threats has a special place within the concept of comprehensive security. We therefore highly value the Security Committee’s efforts in this area. The number of briefings that were provided under the aegis of the Committee has served to both widen and deepen our knowledge and insight on a variety of topics relating to security. The inclusion and involvement of capitals and field missions are of praiseworthy nature. I would also wish to underscore the importance we attribute to following up on the implementation of the first set of CBMs in the field of cyber/ICT security, and note how the adoption of a second set of CBMs would be a very welcome development to further enhance our cooperation.

The threat posed by terrorism has attained unacceptable proportions. We see offshoots of this scourge in the form of radicalization, money laundering, forced recruitment, and money extortion activities in many OSCE countries. We therefore attribute particular importance to the implementation of OSCE commitments in fighting terrorism with added determination. We welcome the work done in the Security Committee in this respect. This is also why we are pleased with all the work put into the area of Violent Extremism and Radicalization that Leads to Terrorism (VERLT), together with various complementary meetings and briefings relating to counterterrorism such as the one by Global Counter-Terrorism Forum Co-chairs organized yesterday. We look forward to the upcoming meetings and discussions of the Committee under the able Chairmanship of Ambassador Schroeder on deliverables for the Basel Ministerial Council.

On the second dimension, everyone around this table is well aware of Turkey’s concerns relating to underuse of the potential this dimension presents for bolstering comprehensive security. As I outlined our views on this matter during the last PC while discussing the proposal for the 2015 Unified Budget, I will not repeat them here. We deeply appreciate the efforts of Ambassador Algayerova for outlining and following a comprehensive work program which also contained numerous very interesting discussions and the presentations relating to the bulk of the economic and environmental aspect of the OSCE’s work. We commend the energetic and spirited leadership of Ambassador Algayerova and also wish to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Halil Yurdakul Yiğitgüden, Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities, for his contribution together with his able team in the organization of successful events and meetings throughout the year. We have greatly benefited from the discussions in the Committee and we hope that, all these activities, as well as the Implementation Meeting, will provide valuable input on our way to Basel, and will contribute to the strengthening of this dimension.

As regards the human dimension, it is with pleasure that we noted how the commendable practice of holding meetings according to a structured agenda has been maintained and strengthened in 2014 under the wise stewardship of Ambassador Kvile. Throughout the year the Committee focused on all significant issues in the human dimension, hosting important speakers, giving our institutions the opportunity to present various aspects of their work to the participating States, and providing delegations with the opportunity to make voluntary presentations on topics of their choice.

Referring to my intervention of last week, let me emphasize once again our conviction that the human dimension agenda should not be approached selectively. Again, in order to avoid repetition, I will simply state that, as is the case with the three dimensions themselves, all human dimension areas are also equally and fundamentally important.

We are ready to constructively engage the discussions on the deliverables in the human dimension as well.

I wish to conclude by congratulating Dominic, Olga, and Robert for their excellent work as Chairs of the three Committees, as well as the Swiss Chairmanship for the overall guidance that it has provided to the Chairs.

Thank you.