Statement By Ambassador Tacan İldem, Permanent Representative of Turkey, in response to Ambassador Adam Kobieracki, Director Of CPC, 1018th Meeting of the Permanent Council

Tacan İldem 09.10.2014
I would like to join the previous speakers in thanking the Director of the CPC, Ambassador Kobieracki for his comprehensive report which clearly demonstrates how challenging 2014 has been and continues to be for the OSCE and in particular for the CPC.

From the very beginning of the crisis in and around Ukraine, the OSCE has played a leading role in international efforts aiming to de-escalate and resolve it. In doing so, the Organization has demonstrated how sound and salient its underlying concept of comprehensive security is. The consensus relating to the Special Monitoring Mission has shown that our Organization is indeed capable of responding timely to extraordinary situations. Since its inception, the SMM has been the linchpin of our Organization’s efforts towards ending the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The crisis has also reaffirmed that the OSCE remains a highly relevant regional and international actor in an environment increasingly characterized by grave challenges.

Dealing with the situation, however, was not an easy task. It required immense efforts, as explained in the report of the Director. Throughout the year, we had to cope with successive pressing issues, such as ensuring timely deployment of SMM teams, conducting an extra-budgetary operation and dealing with the abduction of the observers to name but a few. Let me thank Director Kobieracki and his able team for the tireless and dedicated efforts they made against the clock under most demanding circumstances.

Despite all challenges, this year the OSCE proved its value and its distinct advantages through its various contributions to de-escalation, confidence-building and dialogue in Ukraine. Security and cooperation go hand in hand and, as an inclusive platform for dialogue, the OSCE was in fact able to engage meaningfully in Ukraine despite the stigmatization of views over the crisis. I nevertheless agree with Ambassador Kobieracki that we have to continue to develop comprehensive capabilities for conflict prevention, crisis management and settlement of conflicts, and to work on means and ways to enhance the capacity of OSCE in this field. I strongly believe that the ongoing crisis in and around Ukraine provides us an opportunity to draw lessons with a view to projecting a future oriented vision streamlining and strengthening capacities available to us in OSCE’s existing tool box. We hope that Helsinki +40 process will enable us to make a tangible result-oriented progress in that regard.

Mr. Chairperson,

Ministerial Council Decision No. 3/11 on Elements of the Conflict Cycle mandated the OSCE to further reinforce its capabilities in early warning, crisis response, dialogue facilitation and mediation support, and post-conflict rehabilitation. Strengthening OSCE’s mediation support capacity across the conflict cycle is also present among the objectives put forward in the Helsinki+40 process roadmap that was presented by the Chairmanship Troika at the 20th OSCE Ministerial Council in Kyiv.

In this vein, we welcome the establishment of the Mediation Support Team (MST) in the CPC, and support its work. We believe that the MST’s activities significantly contributed to the Ukrainian National Dialogue Project in close cooperation with the SMM. We hope to see this work continue.

As one of the co-launchers of the Group of Friends of Mediation in Vienna, we are pleased to see the discussions on mediation attract ever increasing interest at international fora, including the OSCE. Tomorrow’s high level conference will further add elements to our discussions on this topic from an OSCE-specific viewpoint. I am confident that it will make important contributions and generate valuable insight to our work.

Mr. Chairperson,

In conclusion, I would once again like to thank Ambassador Kobieracki for his report and to reiterate our strong support to the work of the CPC.

Thank you.