Statement by the Delegation of Turkey in Response to the Report of Ambassador Ivo Petrov, Head of Centre in Ashgabat, at the 1002nd Meeting of the Permanent Council

Delegation of Turkey 29.05.2014

Thank you Mr. Chairperson,

We are pleased to welcome Ambassador Petrov back to the Permanent
Council. We express thanks for his detailed presentation.

The Centre’s report highlights a period of unprecedented development in
the cooperation and collaboration between Turkmenistan and the OSCE. The first
invitation extended to ODIHR to follow the parliamentary elections of December
15, 2013; and the first ever address by
H.E. Rashid Meredov, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers and
Minister for Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, are only two among important
concrete steps within this ambit. The steadily growing cooperation in all three
dimensions, as underlined in the report, is pleasing. We wish to see this
positive trend continue.

In his address to the Permanent Council, Minister Meredov emphasized
Turkmenistan’s commitment to a broad and constructive partnership with the OSCE
and the participating states in the interest of peace, security, stability and
sustainable development. We encourage the Office to continue making best use of
this commitment to ensure further progress in engagement with Turkmenistan in
all areas of potential cooperation.

On our part we are lending full support to such cooperation. The visit
by high level Turkmen officials to observe penitentiary facilities in Turkey,
and that by officials from the Turkmenistan Traffic Department to the Training
Centre of our Ministry of Interior are concrete examples in this regard.

I also wish to refer to the active and important role Turkmenistan has
been playing in the area of energy security and sustainability, highlighted by
the trans-Caspian natural gas pipeline project together with other projects
that are either ongoing or under consideration. We need to build further upon
the already high level cooperation we entertain with Turkmenistan in the field
of energy security. Within this context, the increasing need to strengthen
regional energy cooperation, and to ascertain security and reliability of
energy transport and infrastructure, point to the importance of enhancing
regional cooperation while promoting sustainable energy solutions and increasing
energy savings and efficiency. I would be amiss if I did not commend our
Turkmen brothers at this juncture for having hosted the high level
international conference on “Energy Security and Sustainability; the OSCE perspective”
last October in Ashgabat.

Mr. Chairperson,

Turkmenistan correctly follows the current situation and the period
ahead in Afghanistan very closely. Within this context, we welcome
Turkmenistan’s contribution and assistance to Afghanistan, engagement in
regional dialogue, and promotion of regional ownership.

Lastly, I wish to emphasize how Turkey and Turkmenistan enjoy excellent
relations and an exemplary cooperation in a wide array of areas including economy,
commerce, energy, agriculture, health, tourism, culture and education to name a
leading few. Our bilateral relations are solidly based on interaction between
our peoples who enjoy a common culture.

While concluding, we would like to reiterate once more our support to
the continuing work carried out by the Office and to wish Ambassador Petrov and
his able team every success in their future undertakings.

Thank you.