Tacan İldem 20.12.2012
Thank you Mr. Chairperson,

I join the previous speakers in warmly welcoming Secretary General Akıncı for the second time to the Permanent Council. Also as a host country of its Secretariat, we are thankful for his presentation on the Turkic Speaking States Cooperation Council’s activities during the year.

In today’s world, concepts such as democratization, pluralism, sustainable economic development, inclusiveness, intercultural dialogue are gaining prominence even more than before in our considerations and endeavours. Therefore, multilateral settings cannot be confined to economic or cultural cooperation only. They tend to address different topics pertaining to three dimensions and the ones that are of cross-dimensional nature. In this vein we consider the Turkic Council to be pertinent for us to interact with since it is a product of a regional ownership of four participating States of the common objectives adopted and pursued by the OSCE.

In a complementary fashion to the OSCE and other platforms, the Cooperation Council and TURKPA constitute yet another avenue for its member countries, to rekindle their cultural and linguistic affinities, after a period of almost seventy years during which relations were hindered due to the political circumstances of the moment.

As it was eloquently stated during the workshop organized by the Conflict Prevention Center earlier this week on the topic of reconciliation, regional groupings of the States that enjoy cultural affinity can be an asset in terms of optimizing cooperation in multilateral settings, with a vision for the future.

It is with this understanding that Turkey values both the Cooperation Council and TURKPA as useful means in order to enhance cooperation, in areas of mutual interest, based on equality, transparency and common ownership. Ambassador Akıncı has listed a number of areas already covered by the Council. Since it is one of OSCE’s fundamental activities, let me highlight that observation of elections is also one area where cultural affinity allows us to understand each other better.

Mr. Chairperson,

It is our firm belief that the cooperation between the four countries of the Cooperation Council will increase in the coming years. This will not only be beneficial to its members but will have a positive contribution to global peace and stability in the OSCE area. As there are also ambitious common projects in the areas of transport, infrastructure and communications, it goes without saying that their positive effects will be felt on a larger scale, allowing new possibilities for exchanging goods, services and persons. This is also a result of the globalised and interconnected world in which we find ourselves.

Having said this, we find it only natural to witness the interest shown by other international organizations in increasing their interaction with the Turkic Council. We remain convinced that the OSCE which is itself in a period of seeking ways of better interacting with other organizations in the future, will not remain indifferent to these dynamics taking place in the Eastern part of its area. From our delegation’s perspective, we see a great potential in cooperation between the two organizations and their Secretariats.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the Secretary General for his presence among us today and wish our best for the Council’s future endeavours.

Thank you.