Statement by Turkey at the 19th OSCE Ministerial Council - Closing Session

Tacan İldem 07.12.2012
Mr. Chairman,

I would like to join the previous speakers in warmly congratulating Ireland for the able Chairmanship and the diligence that it has displayed in steering our Organization in 2012. In this context, we praise your important leadership role in securing the deliverables we have been able to attain during this Ministerial.

We believe that the decision that we have taken on the Helsinki +40 process will be instrumental not only to reflect upon the achievements of the OSCE, but by building on the acquis that we have so far accumulated to provide further visionary guidance for the role of our Organization in a changing security environment. We have full confidence that the incoming Chairmanships of Ukraine, Switzerland and Serbia will spare no effort in order to bring this process forward so as to ensure the OSCE`s contribution to the achievement of the goal of a security community. We will be ready to make our positive constructive contribution to the process and support the incoming Chairmanships.

Despite the OSCE commitments undertaken at the highest political level, the conflicts which our Organization is mandated to settle unfortunately remain unresolved. This has a negative bearing on trust and confidence in our day-to-day work in this Organization and on efforts for the achievement of regional reconciliations. Moreover, non-resolution of conflicts undermines the credibility of our Organization. Hence, we could only hope and expect that during the Helsinki +40 process, the OSCE will be able to tackle these conflicts in such a way that triggers the political will required for their settlement.

Mr. Chairman,

Now allow me to make a couple of remarks on our decisions.

In the issues dealt by the Security Committee, we are gratified to have been able to adopt this morning at the Permanent Council level the decision on the OSCE consolidated framework for the fight against terrorism. With our previous decisions in new areas such as cyber security and drug trafficking, we are today in a better position of providing to the executive structures of our organizations an updated framework in which the work of the OSCE can develop on a sound and comprehensive basis.

Although we regret that this year there was no decision adopted by the FSC, we remain hopeful that the work of this important body will lead to more positive results in the coming year, including the modernization of the Vienna Document.

In the economic and environmental dimension, an important step has been taken during this Ministerial with the adoption of the Declaration on Strengthening Good Governance and Combating Corruption, Money-Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism. This will contribute to our further work in this area and to our overall objective of strengthening the second dimension.

We regret that we have once again been unable to adopt a balanced package of decisions in the third dimension at this Ministerial.

We are grateful to the Irish Chairmanship for having identified freedom of the media and racism and xenophobia as two potential areas of deliverables for this Ministerial Council. Indeed, trends of racism and xenophobia have a negative impact on the cohesion and inclusiveness of our societies by hindering intercultural dialogue and provoking marginalization. We supported the Chairmanship`s efforts to address the scourge of racism and xenophobia in broad terms despite our preference to emphasize the vulnerability of certain groups which were identified during this year`s Human Dimension Implementation Meeting. It is regrettable that the Chairmanship`s approach did not find enough ownership. It falls to the incoming Ukrainian Chairmanship to promote further engagement in this dimension and overcome the prevailing divergence of views.

Regrettably, the draft decision on an OSCE-wide action plan to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security in the OSCE region did not reach consensus at this Ministerial Council. As one of the co-sponsors of this draft decision, my country attaches great importance to enhancing OSCE capacities to assist participating States in implementing this important UN resolution. We will continue to work towards this goal together with all participating States and the OSCE Secretariat in the coming year. The support expressed by an overwhelming majority of participating States is a source of encouragement for future endeavors.

Mr. Chairman,

As we felt the need to stress in our closing statement last year, once again I have to emphasize that there continues to be an evident need for honest self-criticism in our Organization. While continuing to work on better methodologies of consensus building, we must keep in mind that the priorities we determine should broadly reflect the interests of all participating States. Only thus can we ensure the political ownership and engagement necessary to strengthen the implementation of our existing commitments and develop new ones. We hope that the Helsinki +40 process will add to our capacity in engaging with each and every participating State in a spirit of cooperation with the aim of eliminating certain “fault lines”.

In concluding, let me once again express our gratitude and appreciation for the excellent job done by our Irish friends, and wish every success to the incoming Ukrainian Chairmanship.

I kindly request that this statement be attached to the journal of the day.
Thank you.