Statement of Turkey

Tacan İLDEM 20.06.2012
20 JUNE 2012

Mr. Chairman,

We would like to express our satisfaction to see Minister Gryshchenko for the second time in his capacity as Minister of Foreign Minister of Ukraine at a meeting of the Special Permanent Council and thank him for his presentation of the outline of the priorities of Ukraine’s future Chairmanship of the OSCE.

Turkey and Ukraine enjoy excellent bilateral relations and our dialogue with you Minister Gryshchenko, started as early as the year 2003 during your working visit to my country in your first term as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. That visit gave a boost to the development of our relations. We also remember your address during the annual conference of Ambassadors in Ankara in December of last year which I personally enjoyed listening to.

Turkey has supported from the outset, Ukraine’s bid to chair this organization. In November 2010, just before the Astana Summit we were among those who rejoiced in the decision of having Ukraine to assume the chairmanship of the organisation in 2013. Indeed our support stemmed from our recognition of the achievements made by Ukraine in building a solid foundation for its future and its contribution to overall security and stability in its vicinity and beyond.

We respect and recognize the positive contributions that your country has been providing to the discussions on European security architecture, mainly conducted in the related-Treaty bodies lying outside the acquis of the OSCE.

Your willingness to Chair the organization and the main tasks on your country’s agenda for the year 2013, including the objective of strengthening the organization, promoting its values and the implementation of commitments, shows the important role you attach to the OSCE. This is a good signal at a time when the relevance of the organization could from time to time be questioned.

We share the overall goals set for your Chairmanship and have appreciated the spirit of dialogue here in Vienna where your Permanent Mission made an effort to acquaint itself with the expectations of the participating States. We remain ready to pursue the exchange of ideas throughout the year.

At a time when Ukraine will take over the Chairmanship of the organization, the area between Vancouver and Vladivostok is characterized by unevenness in terms of security and stability. In some areas, the effects of unresolved conflicts are still visible and affect everyday life. In other areas, progress is accomplished with the contribution of the OSCE to build solid democracies. In some others, deeper-rooted democracies are struggling with structural challenges. It is within such a disparate geography that your efforts will be needed to redistill the common values of democracy, equality, mutual respect and tolerance with a view to enhancing security for all citizens.

In order to do so, lasting settlements of protracted conflicts is also a sine qua non condition and we also welcome your willingness to give a stimulus to the efforts in this regard. When we recognize to which extend protracted conflicts negatively affect our region’s stability, this remains more than ever a top priority of my country.

Turkey shares this vision and your willingness to promote openness, transparency and cooperation in the political and military sphere. We should certainly continue to build upon what we have collectively achieved therein, but must equally make efforts to the effective implementation of the agreed commitments. In this regard, while we note the willingness to update further the Vienna Document, we also believe it is essential to restore this regime in its area of application in full.

The area of TNT’s is also where the OSCE brings an added value to the international efforts, and we do hope that the work on the pending drafts before the Security Committee will be finalized soon, so that we can start their implementation without delay.

We also appreciate your balanced approach to the second dimension. Last year, we have appreciated the extensive consultations conducted by your Permanent Representative as Chair of the Second Committee to gauge the different views of the participating States. This approach is conducive to determining a sound agenda for our work in the economic and environmental dimension, which is an indispensable component to our comprehensive approach to security.

In the third dimension, the promotion of the implementation of existing commitments is a commendable objective. As mentioned by our delegation in the closing session of the Ministerial Council in Vilnius, selective and hierarchical approaches do not yield positive results in terms of enhancing confidence and ownership. Therefore, your mentioning, Mr. Minister, of a balanced approach between the three dimensions, caught our attention and is fully in line with the objective underlined in the founding OSCE documents. Furthermore, we believe in the benefit of seeking the necessary balance in each dimension as well. Indeed, we are convinced that it is the challenges faced everyday by our citizens that should be the main determining factor of the areas on which we should concentrate.

Mr. Chairman,

On a more organizational aspect of our work, we will also support your efforts aiming at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the OSCE by increasing the fruitful cooperation between its institutions that are operating within their mandates and previous decisions. In this regard, we thank the current Irish and past Chairmanships as well as the Secretary General for their efforts to this end.

Finally, let me assure you Mr. Minister of our readiness to make every positive contribution possible to your Chairmanship, including in our longer term tasks, such as the Helsinki + 40 process towards a Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security community and the need to achieve a better coordination between international actors in a, as you qualified it “mutually supported way”.

Thank you.