Statement of Turkey

Tacan İLDEM 22.07.2011

22 JULY 2011

Mr. Chairman,

At the outset, let me express that we would have normally aligned ourselves with the EU statement delivered by my distinguished Polish colleague if there had not been the existing EU practice requiring the aligning countries to refrain from making national statements. However in this particular situation it would be quite awkward for me to remain silent. Therefore at the expense of not putting the name of my country in the list of alignments to the EU statement, which we fully endorse, I rather preferred to seize this opportunity to voice our gratitude to those, namely the EU, the countries who have aligned themselves with this EU statement, the United States and the Russian Federation who expressed their sympathy and solidarity with and support to us in our struggle against terrorism and to their firm stand in condemning this recent heinous terrorist attack.

The PKK, which is in the list of terrorist organizations of many countries and international organizations including the EU, continues to pose a serious threat to Turkey and its people. It also threatens each and every country where it has openly or clandestinely established itself. The terrorist attack in Diyarbakır-Silvan area on 14 July which cost 13 lives was a stark reminder of this threat.

Turkey is firmly determined to take all necessary measures for ensuring the security of its citizens. Within this context, my country implements a multi-dimensional and comprehensive policy in its fight against terrorism. Whereas resolute security measures are evidently critical, we have complemented them with social, economic and cultural dimensions. We have initiated a Democratic Opening process, which is an integral element of this comprehensive approach. As part of this comprehensive approach, we have made a paradigm shift and brought the human dimension to the forefront. It is an evolving process which will benefit the whole of our society.

Our decades-long fight against terrorism has also taught us that this scourge cannot be countered successfully without effective international support and cooperation. Therefore, we have a strong national interest in enhancing both bilateral and international cooperation against terrorism in all its forms.

Accordingly, Turkey is involved in every effort to broaden and deepen international cooperation. We aim at improved intelligence sharing, better legal assistance, stronger law enforcement cooperation and border control.

We support the central role of the UN in devising the global norms on suppressing terrorism. We also try to reinvigorate regional and bilateral cooperation mechanisms to complement and implement the UN framework.

International cooperation is also needed in providing counter terrorism capacity-building assistance to third countries, and OSCE has been playing a particularly important role in this field.

Thank you.