Statement by Ambassador Rauf Engin Soysal, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Turkey, in response to the Report by Ambassador Vuk Zugic, the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities (1165th Meeting of the Permanent Council)

Rauf Engin Soysal 23.11.2017

Thank you Mr. Chairperson.I would like to join the previous speakers in warmly welcoming Ambassador Vuk Zugic, Coordinator ofEconomic and Environmental Activities, to the Permanent Council for the first time in his new capacity. Thank you, Vuk, for your comprehensive and illustrative presentation.We commend that the work ofthe Coordinator’s Office covering numerousareas in line with the strategic orientation established by the MaastrichtStrategy, as well as the relevant Ministerial Decisions on such areas as good governance, combattingcorruption, energy security, environment, migration management, womenempowerment and protection from disasters.The variety of activitiesorganized by the Office in line with the needs and priorities of theparticipating States in a gamut of areas including anti-corruption, transport,migration, good environmental governance, disaster risk reduction, energysecurity and women empowerment contributes to the constitution of a solid OSCE baseto address the challenges in all these fields.We praise the Office over thesuccessful organization of the Forum’s II. Preparatory Meeting in Astana andthe Forum Meeting itself in Prague, which allowed us to explore ways ofgreening our economies, fostering our environmental cooperation and promotingeconomic participation. Moreover, in this year’s Implementation Meeting we hada valuable exchange on best practices for raising awareness on environmentalchallenges, disaster risk reduction and good governance in the environmentalfield, and discussed the state of implementation of our commitments in theseareas.Mr. Chairperson,We are pleased with the closeco-operation and coordination among the Coordinator’s Office, the Economic andEnvironmental Committee and the Chairmanship. We are also pleased with theco-operation with the relevant regional and international organizations whichcreates synergies and helps avoid duplication. The reinforcement of cooperationand coordination with field presences, and greater involvement of the Partnersfor Cooperation in economic and environmental activities are further elementsto increase the success of our activities in the Second Dimension.Turkey advocates reinforcingthe Coordinator’s Office to endow it with the capacity it needs to fullyrealize its potential and meet the participating States’ expectations.In conclusion, I would onceagain like to thank Ambassador Zugic and his able staff for their exemplarywork. We wish them continued success. I will end by reiterating our staunchsupport for the work of the Office and our resolve to continuing our fruitfulcooperation.Thank you.